2018 Loop for Literacy

Searcy Denney

Our law firm is known for its philanthropy, supporting hundreds of non-profit organizations and charitable causes each year. The firm’s more than 150 employees also take a very active role by donating money and volunteering for community organizations.

In the early 1980s, we pioneered a concept that other firms, locally and nationally, have duplicated. We regularly purchase television and radio airtime for charitable agencies to use to gain public awareness for their causes. These public service announcements, which are presented under our “Taking…Time to Care” theme, offer non-profit organizations a broad forum to promote activities, garner public interest, and recruit volunteers.

We make it a priority to donate time and money to the disadvantaged in our community. It’s more than just a slogan . . . we really do “Take Time to Care.”

The Literacy Coalition’s cause is near and dear to our hearts, in our work the ability to read is paramount. We sincerely hope to be able to support the great organization through our efforts in the Loop the Lake event, and beyond. 


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